Who we are

Our company was born in 1999 when its founder, Giuseppe Riolo, began working with some companies in the clinical diagnostics and transfusion. Over the years, we undertook collaborations with leading companies of the industry becoming a major player in the Sicilian territory.
In early 2005 we began a new path entering the operating rooms and dialysis centers. With a staff consisting of three technicians, two operating, one secretary and an employee at the warehouse, our company is able to meet the needs of end-users ensuring response times less than 12 working hours.
Our best skill is our presence in the region, that allows us to meet the end user already in the early hours of the morning to reduce downtime at minimum.

Organization Chart:

Giuseppe Riolo
Service Engineer
Application Specialist
Carmelo Riolo
Service Engineer
Musumarra Alessandro
Service Engineer
Guzzetta Domenica
Responsible stewardship
Scarcella Gaetano
Service Engineer